Thursday, August 25, 2011

Matty Melks - Thruth Through Fiction

 Well, it's been since October since I posted anything, and that's about the time Forgotten Science as a band started getting serious, so that's where I've been, playing bass. Anyways, since that time we were forced to move (evicted really) cause we were paying the rent but apperently the landlord wasn't paying the mortgage and so the bank told us to take a hike but wrote us a check to get out, so whatever. The result of us being kicked out of the old place means the loss of the Wizard's Cave, so I'm back to making beats in my bedroom and having to rent a practice room with the band.

 So blah blah blah, I killed another computer and thought I had lost this mixtape I had been working on for about 10 months. I found a folder with the ruff mix, I had been hoping to polish it up a bit more but I'll take what I can get - anyways, long store short, here's Truth Through Fiction - a collection of beats that range from all vinyl samples to all instrumentation to a mix of both elements (the irony of being a bass player that like to sample, I play bass all over this, but there are bass samples as well)


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Night Of The Living Funk

What can I say, I was in the Halloween mood this year. Me playing a bunch of crap and then doing a video remix of Night Of The Living Dead to the finished beat.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Live beat party w/a side dish of graff

We had a little beat party in the Wizard's Cave with a side dish of graffiti. - Kyle Navarro on spray cans - Matty Melks on drum programing, piano, organ and melodica - Sean Tre on bass - Chris Denogean on guitar and synth - Kingsly on the freestyles - the FS Crew stands for Forgotten Science

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Forgotten Science - The Robots Are Among Us public domain video mash up

This is a Forgotten Science track called "The Robots Are Among Us: - beat done by yours truly, scratches done by my partner in crime Spinobi. I chopped up a ton samples to make this beat, Spinobi scratched from a billion of sources and the video mash up (all public domain) draws from about 20 different films, so the sample list for this track would be ridicules. Anyways, peep it out, I'll let the music and the video describe itself. Track is available for free download on the Root Tone Music instrumental beat compilation Electric Wizards and Dusty Scientists

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Here it is - the first official Root Tone Music compilation, and I decided to go with one of my favorite genres, instrumental hip hop. The idea behind this compilation is that, in my opinion, some of the best beatmakers tend to be hermits and might not get the amount of attention that groups or MCs might, even though the craft of making beats is a fundamental cornerstone of hip hop. Based on that idea, I wanted to bring together some of these fantastic musicians I know into one collection. There are over 25 beatmakers from all over the globe getting down on this, and it is absolutely full of heat. Most of these talented beatsmiths hang on the Crate Kings forum (personally, my favorite website) and the styles range from janky electronica  to your classic boom bap instrumental - instead of trying to describe it any more than that, I'll make it simple; just download and  listen to it for free right HERE. NUFF SAID. DOWNLOAD AND BUMP.

artwork by Justin Soria

Electric Wizards and Dusty Scientists Vol. 1
Presented by Root Tone Music
Compiled by Matty Melks (aka the Crate Worm)

Track listing -

1   Dolla Box - Dancing Eyes Watching The Sunrise Shadow
2   Flippa - May
3   Grimeshine - Its A Jungle
4   IV the Polymath -  Head 2 Toe
5   Jay P - Turn it up
6   Rafferty Funksmith - Everybody Likes Strawberries
7   Sean Tre - Compinstrobee
8   BDolla - Tighten Up 1
9   Yabba - Lost.
10 Astaic - Say It Again
11 Spinobi - Immortality
12 Aims One - Master Plan
13 Matty Melks - Escape From Cloud City
14 Sinuous -  Don't Play
15 ArchDuke Zeb - Naughty Injun Strut
16 Ace Fadal - Sway Me
17 Astaic - Shoulda Been
18 Parry Illest - Random
19 The Closed Shop - Kalahari
20 Forgotten Science - The Robots Are Among Us
21 UHH - A beat for cannibals to chase down and eat a business man to
22 FILIBLUNT - Life Studies
23 Figment - We Will
24 Bonita Basics12 - Misperceptions
25 WHP - On a Spit
26 Formula - Life Life Tear U Up
27 QURZ - Watership Down
28 Parry Illest - Reflections
29 UHH - Extracurricula
30 Spinobi - General Practices
31 IV the Polymath - I'm Sayin'
32 Grimeshine  - Deadly Combo
33 R.K. Cerman - You Are My Starship
34 BDolla - Goodbye

****Root Tone Music DOES NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO ANY SONGS (with the exception of Escape From Cloud City by Matty Melks and The Robots Are Among Us by Forgotten Science - all rights reserved, Root Tone Music) ALL OTHER TRACKS ARE OWNED BY ARTIST - THIS WAS A COLLECTIVE COMPILATION OF BEATMAKERS -

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dreams of a Fevered Mind - a live instrument beat and public domain video flip

Live instrument beat made by Matty Melks (Root Tone Music) using a vintage Schoenhut toy piano, Gulbransen Rialto 2 organ, Englehart upright bass, Baldwin piano and a First Take toy accordion - all recorded into Rhodes condenser microphone. Beat done on reason 4. Videos flipped and "sampled" using public domain files. Shout out to the Prelinger Archives, where most of the public domain files were found.
(if video not visible, click link below)

The Muddy Mudskippers

The Muddy Mudskippers (the OXide VENture) was what happened when you mixed two beatmakers (Sean TreMatty Melks) that are lifelong friends with one of the most prolific turntabalists in the 805 area of Southern California (Spinobi). The end result ended up being over 45 minutes of beat and scratch madness and a sample list that approaches almost a thousand sources.
The Muddy Mudskippers was a concept album; the concept being "stay muddy". What was meant by that is this - in a time when virtually any musician can own professional studio grade equipment, sometimes people get too caught up with having flawless sound quality and forget about cutting loose and rocking out. The Muddy Mudskippers is a sonic journey into the mud, the dirt, grimy vinyl and 8 bit samples, dusty thrift store crate digs and old movie dialog. The Mudskippers is almost punk rock in it's approach. Download here and bump for free, and please, STAY MUDDY!!!!!

album art by Dale Dreiling